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Best Linux Hosting Providers

Best Linux Hosting Companies in the World Operating on Linux Platform are given below:

1. Arvixe Linux Hosting

Price: $4.00 /mo
Uptime: 99.8%
SiteGeek Rating: 82
Arvixe is one of the best companies which can offer you the most powerful features at an affordable cost. If you are looking for Linux hosting, it is good for you. This company is an excellent customer service provider. It will transfer your website at a new level without pocketing any charge. Arvixe supports PHP 4 and 5, Python, Perl module installer, SSI, CGI, Curl, DomXML, Zend Optimizer, ionCube PHP loader and Shell Access/SFTP. It can host up to 6 domains. It charges $4.00/month. The most important features of this company are:
  • One click website builder
  • R1 soft backups and more

2. Inmotion Linux Hosting

$4.19 /mo
InmotionHosting has been established since 2001 from the offices in Los Angeles, CA and Virginia Beach, VA. You can perform 10 simultaneous FTP transfers which are outstanding and makes site maintenance extremely fast. SFTP is not available but FTP over TLS/SSH is supported, which provides good security. Company’s technical specs are PHP version 5.2.6, PHP security, MySQL version 5.0.67 and GD library 2.0.34. This company will provide you with a free domain name and unlimited disk space. It will charge nearly about $3.48/month. This company is good for business.

3. Godaddy
$2.24 /mo
GoDaddy Linux Hosting Company founded by Bob Parsons as Jomax Technologies in 1997. They promise to deliver high-quality products at very affordable prices and provide best services in the process. GoDaddy is the largest Linux hosting provider for secure websites. You can’t get access to all the items in the basic package. You have to pay for additional features. GoDaddy supports almost all programming languages like CGI (Python and Ruby), PHP, ASP, MySQL, ColdFusion and FrontPage extensions.

4. BlueHost
$3.95 /mo
Bluehost has been in this business since 1996 and this company provides only Linux based web hosting. It provides fast and reliable server and a free domain for doing work and it gives 24*7*365 US-based superior support. It will provide you unlimited FTP and Email accounts. Blue host supports programming languages such as CGI library, PHP 5, Perl 5, Python, Roby/ruby on rails, JAVA script/DHTML/Flash/Shockwave. It provides unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Bluehost has a prominent position in e-commerce and it charges $4.95/month.

5. GreenGeeks
$3.96 /mo
GreenGeeks has been serving around the globe for over 40 years with their excellent and high-quality Linux web hosting. It is located in California. They even provide users with effective bandwidth with eco-friendly green Linux hosting. They furnish complete solutions, right from constructing a website in an easy way, using it to promote and make profits. GreenGeeks has received many recognition awards for its outstanding performance. Their data centers include certified SAS 70 Type 1, dual – city grid power feeds and is managed by SingleHop Data center technicians too. GreenGeeks use all robust energy sufficient servers with Intel Dual Quad Core Xenon processors. Server uptime for GreenGeeks is of great importance. They even give customer support 24*7*365 via phone, chat, and email. It proves to be a preferred choice for those looking for cheap and low price Linux hosting websites starting from $4.95/month.

6. HostMonster
$3.95 /mo
HostMonster has been providing Linux web hosting solutions to thousands of business and websites since 1996. It gives unlimited disk space and bandwidth. The user can host unlimited websites on one account. This company has been awarded for customer service. HostMonster give you 30-days money back guarantee in case customer issues are left unresolved! It’s very easy to use and reliable. HostMonster will charge you $4.95/month.

7. LittleOak Linux Hosting
$80.00 /yr
The littleoak hosting company was founded by a team of brilliant web developers and graphic designers for the use of MAC community in the year 2007. It is basically situated in Torrance, California, near to Los Angeles. It focuses on the products related to Mac. This company has a strong belief in supporting local Americans small businesses. This company offers 24*7 live support with chat facility. It also assures a 30-day money back facility. It filters spam and viruses. It provides POP3 accounts, Email forwards, mailing lists, MySQL databases, domain and FTP accounts with no limit constraints. The only drawback is that it doesn't offer unlimited bandwidth with space.

8. 1&1 Hosting
$0.99 /mo
1&1 was established in 1988 , owned by a German company called United Internet. Oliver Mauss is the CEO of 1&1. They have approximately 11 million customers globally which places them as a leading company. They offer world best Linux hosting services with convenient domain packages and features. 1&1 promises to give its best services at budget and reasonable price. They support eco-friendly tools and hardware in their data centers. 1&1 combines highly efficient web servers with versatile performance of Foundry and Cisco routers. Their main motto is complete customer satisfaction. Here you may avail services of cloud servers, virtual private servers (VPS) and dedicated servers. They consume a lot of time for domain transfer.

9. Eleven2 Linux Hosting
$5.95 /mo
Eleven2 hosting was established in 2003 by two designer’s magnificent idea. They assure you with their plans, pricing, reliability and customer services. They have established themselves as preferred choice for website hosting. They also offer cloud servers for those with greater needs. Eleven2 provides an outstanding reliability and performance of server. They make available video tutorials on a whole lot of things. Eleven2 operates out of multiple datacenters including Dallas, TX – Asheville, NC – London, UK – Phoenix, AZ. It helps you to protect your website from malicious threats. They even support both FTP and SFTP. Eleven2 even support IMAP, POP and SMTP. Eleven2 runs the latest version of PHP5 and MySQL 5, Perl, Ruby on Rails, Python, SSI, Curl and GD.

10. Heart Internet
£2.49 /mo
Heart Internet Hosting Company is one of the best established hosting companies of UK located in Nottingham, England. The plans and packages are perfect and are designed for all ranges of websites. It promises with a powerful and flexible Linux web hosting without limits. Designing and managing a website under Heart internet’s supervision makes it easy and beneficial for the team through advanced linux web hosting control panel. Get your website designed through any one of the following 3 instant plans:
  • Starter Pro - £ 2.25
  • Home Pro - £ 5.99
  • Business Pro - £ 7.50
It gives regular back up services. Access to the FTP accounts is also offered. It even offers Joomla and WordPress too in only home professional package. Heart Internet hosting is based on Linux, so support for PHP 4 and 5, Perl and Python is also given.
Thanks for reading and all the best for choosing your Linux hosting company.
Hope we helped you in that!

Hosting Essential for Websites

It is essential for a business to make a site because nowadays every significant sector of industry connected with it and in this time if we are very far away from it can be a problem for our business.

Through the way of a site, you can easily achieve your goals like a simple click of a mouse means you can take the odors from firms and complete it and make an online transaction also.

Through the professionals you can build a site then you need a host who can support your site means to provide you a space to hold your site and give a security also.

A company should at least have an online presence so that the investors, business partners, potential employees and most importantly, customers can easily find out about the company and its services or products in a rapid time.It also makes business very fast.

At the same time, it makes so much sense because the company needs to have a professional looking website to be taken seriously. Nowadays, many customers get information online before making a final purchase and therefore, a company needs to make a good impression on the buyer by having an easily navigable, and professional looking website.

There are many web hosting companies offering various types of web hosting packages - shared web hosting, dedicated web hosting, managed web hosting, which hosting you choose?

Its depend on your hosting requirement.

As a general rule, it is a good idea to go for shared web hosting if you are a small business owner and cost is your primary concern.

Shared web hosting service is a convenient and economical way of hosting websites if you do not require extremely high performance and high bandwidth.

Shared web hosting service is a convenient and economical way of hosting websites if you do not require extremely high performance and high bandwidth.

What are the advantages of Shared Web Hosting Service?

Shared web hosting cheaper then Reseller web hosting and Dedicated web hosting.

Shared hosting web servers are managed and maintained by professionals, so the customer need not worry about your website.

A control panel comes with Shared web hosting account through which you can manage your website.

Business transition through hosting

Generally for any kind of promotions even for sale you should move from one place to another for that you need an office but nowadays making a site and hosted it a solution for a good business.

Making a site is a very easy task because nowadays professionals do it in a particular amount as per your requirement and then they host it so that anybody can see your business on the net and work with you.

Due to the broad network of the internet nowadays companies have internet economy, existing brick, and mortar companies must leverage their brand.

It is normally about such a transition at first. One might start the Brick and mortar to Click and mortar transition by selecting an internet development company to partner with his brick and mortar business to rapidly add to its skill set and commence the transition.

Businesses must develop a strategic relationship with an internet firm for not only starting the transition process but also for getting the edge over purely '.COM' companies.

Business transition through hosting

Before starting a hosting company this is very important that if we are a reseller than choose a proper package from the big hosting company.

We have to generate some special features according to our business because we will also need to have the skills necessary to run a hosting business.

This is very important that we should not blend our plans and quality according to another company and use a custom design for your site is the first step.

It is important to provide a variety of different hosting packages which can accommodate clients on a budget. If you take longer than a day, your service will appear to be bad.

If you hold some money, then there is don't be afraid to invest in a tech support department. It is waste of money and will separate your company from the thousands of other hosting services available.

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Choosing the best host

Web hosting business nowadays is at it's peak time because due to an extensive network of the net you can purchase or sells the thing very fastly and easily.

A web hosting service is a kind of Internet hosting service that allows the individual or company to hold a stake in the internet and provide own websites accessible through the World Wide Web.

Web hosting gave the freedom of having own website services but prohibited because of space. One needs to have appropriate hardware and software to host web pages.

There is different kind of hosting Free Web Hosting, Shared Web Hosting, Reseller Web Hosting, Virtual Dedicated Server, Dedicated Hosting, Collocation Web Hosting, Clustered Hosting.

Before choosing any host, this is very important to check what kind of nature your site has meant is it needs Linux, windows or Unix hosting?

After the site knowledge, recommended that you should think about your requirements and expectations from the host means what you want? And what you hope?

Getting your technical requirements are straightforward, another more important point is listing down your expectations from your web host, and the important thing is that don't underestimate these as these are the factors that lead to the staying or moving from a particular web host.

After getting web hosts that you feel may fit you, you must personally identify each of them before committing yourself, this step is essential.

After getting web hosts that you feel may fit you, you must personally identify each of them before committing yourself, this step is essential.

Before choosing a host, the main thing is that we should look some features like disk space, technical support, bandwidth, etc.

Even though we should look into services like free offers, adds, and other facilities.
The needs to find a web hosting company that meets his requirements.

The primary thing is that one should look into is support. It is a good idea to send some e-mails to have a sense of their response time.

Before choosing a host, this is very important that first, we should entirely know about the history of the host and their services like disk space, bandwidth, technical support, etc.

The main thing is your customer support it should be excellent means you should provide a 24*7 technical support facility so that user can work in a tension-free environment.

We should check the financial strongness of the company because If you're running mission-critical operations, you can't afford to be with a Reseller Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Shared Hosting plans - CPWebHostingcompany that may not be in business in a few months.

REAL Live Support: Call their tech support number NOT their sales number, and see if you can talk directly to a technician. Or go on their live chat and see if you can speak to a technician.It can naturally make you.

There should be some safe mode in the business like money back guarantee, price freeze, uptime, and a guarantee of a refund on unused portions.

Website Handling Tools

There is a tremendous need for any interacting tools for handling your site for this the hosting company provides the appropriate tools for that.

The interface is called Reseller Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Shared Hosting plans - CPWebHosting tools.There are many web hosting control panels available. Some of them are HELM, cPanel or WHM, Plesk, Ensim, etc.

The control panels have its importance which can manage your website (domain) efficiently from anywhere.

The control panel allows you to create the email accounts of your website to set the email forwarder for your email accounts, to add the domain alias, to modify the web pages of your site through file manager, to create the databases for your website, etc.

Some other control panels work in another way they control panels allow you to upload your web pages directly through a control panel and you can zip or unzip the folder through control panel itself.

A control panel is an interface to allow quick and easy access to a wide variety of features your host supports.

Many control panels are now a GUI (graphical user interface) that grants access to email management, website statistics, database administration, server load viewing, and more.

H-Sphere is a scalable multi-server web hosting solution. It has many advanced features and a sophisticated billing system to automate and improve your web hosting tasks.

H-Sphere provides a simple, easy-to-use web interface maintained from any computer with internet connection.

If you aren’t entirely sure what a control panel is, it is software that is installed on the web host’s server to help you control your web hosting features and the experience of your users.

The control panel will give you access to the features you want and need such as FTP accounts, email accounts, subdomains, databases that you can create or add, as well as the ability to manage files and such.

Control panel is best for you is all about what you expect, what advertised, and what you want to achieve. Different control panels are depending on the platform that the host uses such as Windows, Unix, or Linux and each platform may or may not work for you.

If you are new to dedicated servers and control panels, you’ll want to choose one of the names that are more intuitive so that it is easier to use. You can select one of the more functional control panels. That works great on your platform but are not as easy for the use.

The best way to choose the best control panel for your dedicated server is to check out the control panel demos often offered through the hosts.

Subdomain and third level domain

The domain is mainly divided into two level first is top-level which is the top-level domain, also referred to as TLD, is the suffix or extension attached to Internet domain names.

At the same time if you talk about the second level then this is the SLD which is the part of the URL and uses the top level domain like

The third level domain is nothing but, in reality, this is the partition of the second level domain and at the same time supportive of the first domain like and third level domain name is used to recognize on different servers within different departments of a company.

subdomain is a lower level domain. It is added on the left of the domain name, e.g. You can create as many subdomains as allowed by the plan. Domains and subdomains have equal functional capabilities, including web site management, e-mail service, FTP, dedicated IPs, etc., but subdomains do not have their own DNS zones and usually cost less.

To create a subdomain, go through the following steps

1. Select Domain Info link in Domain Settings menu in user's Control Panel.
2. Click Add the Sub Domains field. You will be asked to enter the subdomain name
3 Enter the new subdomain. It will be displayed in the Subdomain field of the Domain Settings page.

A subdomain is a lower level domain. It is added on the left of the domain name, e.g. You can create as many subdomains as allowed by the plan. Domains and subdomains have equal functional capabilities, including web site management, e-mail service, FTP, dedicated IPs, etc., but subdomains do not have their own DNS zones and usually cost less.

To create a subdomain, go through the following steps:

1. Select Domain Info link in Domain Settings menu in user's Control Panel.
2. Click Add the Sub Domains field. You will be asked to enter the subdomain name
3. Enter the new subdomain. It will be displayed in the Subdomain field of the Domain Settings page.

Website promotion ethics

The referral program system is one of the best ways to get new customers. You can set up the system to make your current customers refer new customers. The customers have a particular tracking id that they can give to other people they want to refer. This way, when an existing customer's id has been used the customers receives a commission. Also, you should refer the customer an account where he can check the statistics of his campaign. 

It's better to sign up the customer for the referral program so they can start referring people to your site right away. For the management and tracking mentioned above, you can use some ready-made soft wares that you can find on the web.

Besides you can even Join Forum Discussions.There are a lot of good forums where web hosting is discussed. You can join this kind of forums and contribute and offer help to others members while keeping your signature with your URL at the bottom of your post. You can post the signature your weekly or monthly special offers.

So, helping others on this kind of forums can send new customers to your website, meaning more business for your web hosting business. But don't just go there to post an ad, be active and be a part of the forum's community.

These are the first three ways you can send more customers to your site, research each one of them because they do work very well. In the second part, you will learn about three more promotion methods that can help you grow your web hosting business.

By offering some special offers, you can see your traffic soar. You can make a special offer reducing the price of the bandwidth to half if the price for 100 Mb would be $10 you could go a special offer to $5. This way the customer would save $5, and this is a thing a lot of people are interested in.

Offering discounts are just like the individual offers; the customer saves money by ordering a package that has a cut on it, like save 30% if you purchase the hosting for six months. Offering more significant discounts will give send you more customers.

Make sure you don't offer too many discounts since you do want to make a profit.

You could give a good bonus for purchasing anything. There are many things that you can provide a gift, from a particular template to a specific e-book that the customer might be interested in. Make sure it's something of interest to the customer. Would be good to give the bonus after payment made, and the account created so you wouldn't get scammed if payment isn't made.

Linux Vs. Windows Hosting

Linux/Unix operating systems have traditionally been believed to be very stable and robust. A web site housed on a Linux operating system will have very high up-time (of the order of 99.9%). Of course, other factors such as power supply, network administration skills, and network load, etc. also matter when it comes to maintaining the system uptime.

The Linux Operating System comes free of cost (or at very insignificant cost, usually cost of distribution). Also, it has a full-fledged server and desktop applications that come free along with the OS. These server applications (such as FTP, Web Server, DNS Server, File Server, etc.) being free, are also very stable.

According to me friends, as long as you understand how to use your FTP or web publishing software, you can use either operating system.But what is essential is that you know what you want your website to do and what you want to offer it. It is what will ultimately help determine the type of web hosting that will work best for you

When it comes to web hosting, it is easy to host on Linux web servers. The process of uploading and hosting is almost same for both Linux and Windows web servers. If you want to use a Windows-based tool such as FrontPage for uploading a website on to a Linux based web server, make sure that the FrontPage extensions are enabled. It is only required if you are uploading using HTTP feature (New Home of of FrontPage. Front Page also makes it possible to upload a web site using FTP. You need to select for uploading using frontpage FTP option. Note that if you select "Front Page Extensions" during web site design, you must enable FrontPage extensions on a Linux web server also.
These days, all Linux web servers are coming with installable FrontPage extensions, and this should pose no problem for hosting on a Linux platform.You can use almost all types of file extensions (or scripts) when using Linux web server. Commonly, the following extensions are supported:.cgi, .html, .htm, .pl, .php, .shtml, .xml, and others.

It means that you can host websites that use different types of server-side scripts including .cgi, .pl, .php, and .asp (with a plug-in).

Linux is very scalable compared to windows. A website is dynamic. Usually, a site starts with a few pages of HTML and grows over a period to suit the customer's requirements. It is preferable to design a website keeping this condition in mind. A site designed for compatibility with a Linux/Unix based web server meets the scalability requirement quickly without making any site-wide design changes.

Enquiry for Specialized Hosting

Hosting Customer: I am interested in getting a dedicated server, or just want to learn more about specialized hosting services. Can anybody share his/her thoughts on it? Your ideas will be appreciated.

Expert: If you have a high-traffic website, and want to run a successful business - you cannot do it without a dedicated server. It is best hosting service for significant website traffic and load. It is meant only for experienced people who know how to handle server resources well.It is somewhat costly amongst all other types of hosting, and you shouldn't waste your money if you don't plan to use it in full measure.

Yes, I agree with your thoughts. Let me enlarge your thoughts. A dedicated server will give you freedom. You will not need to share it with other websites. It will also give you additional 3rd party security for your site and emails. A dedicated server will allow you in-depth access to your server to configure and optimize your server any way you need. You're able to choose the software to install.

In addition to that, With a dedicated server, you get on average 50-100 Gb of a hard-drive, plus about 1,000 Gb of data transfer. You may customize the configuration and choose any CPU, RAM, or whatever you need. A dedicated server reduces your dependency on the web host; and bypasses time delays and possible expenses incurred from these. You just CAN NOT run a popular website on a shared hosting. It's not serious.

So I would like to conclude that if your website turned into a favorite and reliable resource; if you have tons of daily visitors; if you work B2B; if you need additional security and functionality, power and freedom - go ahead and buy a dedicated server. Don't be sorry about the money you spent! 
Think about the future!

For cheap and reliable dedicated server plans you can anytime switch to our website at We offer five affordable specialized plans to meet your requirements.

Avail Free Web Hosting Services

Avail Free Hosting

There is a lot of different kind of web hosting in the market, but mainly free web hosting is famous in the small business environment due to its approachable process.

For free web hosting, we should look for some different things like that you will lose some credibility. Having a website on free hosting will not show you up as being truly professional. People will wonder what are you doing with your revenue if you generate any.

You should know about your site so optimizing your website is also key. A title, description, and keywords tags are significant to your site's success. The title, description and keyword tag combination can send your ranking mile high. Test several variations and see which one works best.
Link popularity can make or break your website. Almost all of the major search engines use this as the main factor when giving you a ranking.

A domain name and paid hosting are considered essential for an internet marketer. However, if these are not in place, your website can still be successful.

Free web hosting is free, sort of. For the best result in business, free web hosts offer advertising space to companies and others for a fee. As a result, when you sign up to receive space for your website, you will have no control over the types of ads that will appear on your site, which reduces your worth wasting of money over the adds, etc.

Free web hosting services are that if the host doesn't earn enough revenue selling ad space, it may shut down. It can happen at any time, so it's important when selecting a free web host to find one that is profitable.

When you sign up to receive free web hosting services, your domain name will play an important role.If you're trying to start a business, visitors may be turned off by your URL. It is because they know you're not paying for web hosting and may wonder if you cut corners anywhere else as well as.

A URL that's connected to a free web host can signify to customers that you're business is not legitimate.That is very important for a good company.

No this is not true that all these companies have fake offers because, in reality, they have their datacenter which holds your data of your site free of cost as well as they provide you space on their web server and internet connectivity.

The free hosting provider also provides the facility to you that you can upload new contents to your site like photos, articles, flash files, etc.This kind of event reduces your lot of money.

This kind of companies is better in a way for small business holders because this type of website hosting service is excellent for people who are fresher to the internet and plan to get familiar with web site creation and working of web servers.

To get your website uploaded on a web space provided by a paid website Reseller Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Shared Hosting plans - CPWebHosting company, you need to pay the company appropriate fees. The fee amount may vary from company to company. This kind of website hosting companies is best suited for professional website owners.

If you are a big business person and have a big business then paid hosting is best due to it was better service environment and suited for professional website owners. People who require large web space to upload their websites and who hope a certain amount of website visitors prohibited on free hosting accounts to a lower level.