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Reason to avail the Linux Hosting

Worldwide the companies now prefer the dedicated hosting Linux services. There are a number of causes why they do so. The hosting servers have changed a great deal over the years. The services that were offered before now have developed. The services have included various add-ons with the services. The whole course of business and trading has been changed by these service providers.
Revenue earning is the primary focus for the companies worldwide now. But the situation has changed now. The offline market is overtaken by a great many number of companies. They are all coming in the same field. This is the scenario in which the companies have comprehended that they are forced to be in a steep competition where the only reason for t6heir trade is to survive. As there is hardly any space left for growth the companies are focusing more and more to the offline market.

On the other hand the online market offers a great many opportunities. If you go back to twenty years ago you will hardly find the regional as well as the large companies reining in the online market. They were hardly interested because of the faint chances of business growth. But presently various alterations as well as developments have taken place. So the companies are finding it obligatory to deal in the online market. This is the position where they are discovering the requirement of outstanding dedicated servers.

The dedicated hosting Linux services can fill up their expectations, as it appears. In the last few years the Linux hosting services have increased the goodwill for its high skill in the world of trade and selling. It is also accurate that the cost of the Linux hosting is incredibly less. So the companies find this hosting service cost saving.

The issue of providing proper safety and security is very well handled by the dedicated hosting Linux services. Apart from providing high efficiency, the servers keep the websites secure and protected from any sort of robbery or unnecessary interference. As a result the customers stay at ease and calm as they are conscious that their sites are totally secure from any malwares. Added to that, there are other matters as well. Presently maximum websites are connected with each other.
As the majority of the websites are being Linux hosted, it is problematic not to be fraction of the Linux hosting or else the link ups won’t be possible. These are some of the services that dedicated hosting Linux services have offered for the past forty years. In the meantime the hosting services have been subjected to a lot of changes. But they have reserved the issue of safety and security at the front position.
There are diverse flavors that the service providers offer to the customers. One such system is Unix system. A group of new organizations are now following to a huge deal to the Unix system. In the manufacturing and trading sectors the use of the hosting service is excellent. So it is the right time for the companies to create the required alterations in order to choose dedicated hosting Linux services and look for progress.

Linux website hosting

In today’s world, we have seen that every person wants to create their website. The purpose may be personal related to his or her hobbies or for running the business. You need a web hosting platform to create the website and to search for the appropriate platform; you search for the best and cheap web hosting service providers.
But here also we face one common problem, several no. of web hosting service providers are available in the market, now how to find the best and cheap Linux web hosting provider…for this, you may consider a couple of things.
Here we give preference to the Linux website hosting because of its few benefits such as it is safe, secure, reliable, and cost-effective. So, if you are planning to choose Linux web hosting, then before going ahead or opting it, you may consider few factors such as:
  • In terms of technology, Linux web hosting uses a LAMP (L – Linux; A – Apache; M-MySQL; P – PHP) structure which is formed by combining few soft wares. Among best Linux web hosting companies, Arvixe web hosting company is also counted which makes use of this structure to deliver you with different types of lively developments within your website at all times.
  • Next most important factor you need to consider is data recovery and data backup on your website. You should look for the amount of data backup provided by the company and whether it is providing you back up on weekly basis or monthly basis.
  • As you will be the customer of the web hosting provider, so you should see the customer support of the providers, before choosing them. Good customer support is mainly provided by the Linux web hosting companies. This is very important because a customer may face several problems, which may be not possible for him or her to solve on their own basis, so they require such kind of support. You must choose the provider who is well equipped with well-qualified technicians who are capable of solving any web hosting problem, without considering its difficulty level. Next thing which you need to look in the chat support service, provided by your provider or not. It is suggested to make sure of all the given features, provided by Linux web hosting service provider.
  • Disk space and bandwidth are also important factors which you need to consider, before opting for the best Linux web hosting provider. You may choose the provider which offers you unlimited disk space for unlimited data storage and unlimited bandwidth to allow you in utilizing the latest technology in web hosting. Next thing which you need to see whether a provider is offering you some extravagant applications or even stream multimedia or not. Next is the price obviously you are looking for such provider, where you don’t have to pay very high fees. Good Linux web hosting service provider may provide you free space in bulk so that as per your requirement you can put anything on the server.
  • Everyone is looking for that Linux web hosting provider, who offers their good quality hosting services at a very cheap price to their clients. There are so many Linux web hosting providers are available which offers good quality services but you may compare the price of all of them, to choose the best and cheap one.
  • Now after considering all the above things, next thing which you need to see is what are you getting CPanel with details, protection from virus, malware and attackers in the form of antivirus, decent load balance for the proper functioning of your server and to provide you protection from Firewall. There are few other services also which may be an offer by the provider and which are important for you such as FTP creation, MY SQL database, Subdomains.


Now after considering all the important factors, first you may take some time to find a good, reputed service provider which offers you best web hosting services. For this, you need to compare the services containing several features with their prices offer by the different providers. After a comparative analysis, you may choose the best Linux web hosting provider.

Linux Web hosting Suppliers

Insight Of Linux Hosting

Linux is an open-source system, affordable to operate and less expensive than Windows. It offers several benefits such as it crashes less because it is more stable, scalable and offers high speed. Linux offers support to different kinds of software’s, applications and programming languages including Perl, PostgreSQL and MySQL except some technologies of Microsoft such as ASP, Access, MS SQL as for them Windows hosting server is required.

Linux Web Hosting is reliable, safe and efficient. It offers you with several options to fulfil need of web hosting. PHP is a famous programming language and it is compatible with Linux web hosting. It is also good for programmers who are freshers; not having experience, as Linux hosting allows them to test new things. Most important, it is quite affordable because it does not include overhead expenses because proprietary software is not installed in same. Next, you are not required to run Linux on your PC for hosting your website. It offers one more advantage; it can be used to run your website without considering operating system you choose to run on your computer.
With the advantages, some disadvantages are also there; Linux is not compatible with coding conversions and windows applications and thus from hosting point of view, it is not considered good for those websites which are designed for windows based applications.

2) Linux Systems Commercial and popular uptake

These days, setup of Linux is applied everywhere, used in each domain from embedded systems to powerful mainframe computers and has acquired their place in installation and fitting of server using LAMP application stack. Its use has been growing in business desktop and home desktop. Linux usage is also becoming very popular in netbook market along with devices shipping with Linux installed which can be customized.

Linux has entered in mobile device market with Android. Android is one of latest and most used operating system in tablets, smartphones and latest wearable technology. Valve also support Linux leads to Linux gaming. The distribution of Linux is also becoming very popular in different local and national level of governments, for instance Brazil’s federal government is very famous as it supports Linux a lot. Russian Military has created their own Linux distribution and leads to fruition of G.Host project. Even high schools running in Kerala make compulsory to run Linux on their computers. In Spain, Linux distributions are developed by some regions and are extensively used in formal and teaching establishments such as Guadalinex in Andalusia and gnuLinEx in Extremadura and in official institutions also. Caixa Mágica, a personal Linux dispersion of Portugal is used by country can be used within Magalhães Netbook and e-escola which is a political authority programme. Germany and France also took some action for moving towards to Linux and accepting same. China is also using it as one of their most prominent operating system for their Loongson processor family so as to be technologically independent.

3) Best Linux hosting suppliers

Many of companies offered Linux hosting services but best ones among them are only few:

Bluehost- BlueHost is a reliable and one of the top most company offering Linux hosting solutions since 1996. Its servers are dedicated for MySQL and PHP applications, such as Joomla, WordPress etc. It is independent and technology oriented and having their own redundant servers.
Hostgator- Since starting, Hostgator is known as the most reliable web hosting provider. They offer most flexible web hosting packages, various supporting options and great uptime record. Basic features of web hosting, user friendly tools for building the website and notable domain capabilities offered by the company.
GoDaddy- GoDaddy also comes under the list of the top web hosting companies. It offers great Linux web hosting solutions. Various web hosting features through different plans with good level of customer and technology support is offered.

Beginners Linux Guide


The first thing that you’ll have to decide when it comes to web hosting is what platform to use. The type of database or scripting language that you use will coincide with the type of web hosting plan you choose. Linux web hosting has been the primary choice for most developers till date and it powers a majority of the web. This is due to various benefits that it has to offer for website development.
For beginners or for people who are interested in coming up with a website that is a blog site or is a shopping cart, using Linux is much easier. Features, like having an inquiry form on the website or managing online shopping, are better managed by Linux. If there are no particularly specified requirements, you should consider Linux web hosting.
You might also be interested in using a Linux Platform if you are using any of the following development languages:
  • PHP
  • Perl
  • MySQL
  • Python
  • XML
  • Ruby
  • WordPress
If you are new to the world of web hosting, you will find Linux very attractive because it is open-source software and involves no costs. If you are looking for free open source applications then Linux is the best option as it provides a number of free desktop applications, snippets, tools etc. This results in a drastic fall in your expenses as compared to windows web hosting.
It has been observed that Linux-based web servers have an edge over others because of their stability and robustness. Supported uptime is generally very high -- almost 99.9% system uptime can be achieved by properly managing the other factors involved (like power supply, the competence of technical support staff and the load of the network).
If you need to move a site from a Linux-based platform to a Windows-based server, it will not be a very big problem. But doing it the other way round is very difficult.
Any kind of file extensions can be used in a website that is being hosted by a Linux based server (be it .html, .php, .xml, shtml or .cgi). Linux does not always work well with Windows-based applications. Thus, while taking a decision on which platform to choose you to need to be well informed about the specific requirements of the website being developed.
When we develop a new website, it is inevitable that as its popularity will increase, there will be an impending demand for it to grow. The customers’ or clients’ various requirements will determine the dynamics of the website and its pages will increase accordingly. Basically, it is required that websites have a capability of being scalable without any major changes. A Linux based server ensures this.
Due to its evident advantages, Linux remains to be the uncrowned king of the web-hosting world.

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Best Linux Hosting Providers

Best Linux Hosting Companies in the World Operating on Linux Platform are given below:

1. Arvixe Linux Hosting

Price: $4.00 /mo
Uptime: 99.8%
SiteGeek Rating: 82
Arvixe is one of the best companies which can offer you the most powerful features at an affordable cost. If you are looking for Linux hosting, it is good for you. This company is an excellent customer service provider. It will transfer your website at a new level without pocketing any charge. Arvixe supports PHP 4 and 5, Python, Perl module installer, SSI, CGI, Curl, DomXML, Zend Optimizer, ionCube PHP loader and Shell Access/SFTP. It can host up to 6 domains. It charges $4.00/month. The most important features of this company are:
  • One click website builder
  • R1 soft backups and more

2. Inmotion Linux Hosting

$4.19 /mo
InmotionHosting has been established since 2001 from the offices in Los Angeles, CA and Virginia Beach, VA. You can perform 10 simultaneous FTP transfers which are outstanding and makes site maintenance extremely fast. SFTP is not available but FTP over TLS/SSH is supported, which provides good security. Company’s technical specs are PHP version 5.2.6, PHP security, MySQL version 5.0.67 and GD library 2.0.34. This company will provide you with a free domain name and unlimited disk space. It will charge nearly about $3.48/month. This company is good for business.

3. Godaddy
$2.24 /mo
GoDaddy Linux Hosting Company founded by Bob Parsons as Jomax Technologies in 1997. They promise to deliver high-quality products at very affordable prices and provide best services in the process. GoDaddy is the largest Linux hosting provider for secure websites. You can’t get access to all the items in the basic package. You have to pay for additional features. GoDaddy supports almost all programming languages like CGI (Python and Ruby), PHP, ASP, MySQL, ColdFusion and FrontPage extensions.

4. BlueHost
$3.95 /mo
Bluehost has been in this business since 1996 and this company provides only Linux based web hosting. It provides fast and reliable server and a free domain for doing work and it gives 24*7*365 US-based superior support. It will provide you unlimited FTP and Email accounts. Blue host supports programming languages such as CGI library, PHP 5, Perl 5, Python, Roby/ruby on rails, JAVA script/DHTML/Flash/Shockwave. It provides unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Bluehost has a prominent position in e-commerce and it charges $4.95/month.

5. GreenGeeks
$3.96 /mo
GreenGeeks has been serving around the globe for over 40 years with their excellent and high-quality Linux web hosting. It is located in California. They even provide users with effective bandwidth with eco-friendly green Linux hosting. They furnish complete solutions, right from constructing a website in an easy way, using it to promote and make profits. GreenGeeks has received many recognition awards for its outstanding performance. Their data centers include certified SAS 70 Type 1, dual – city grid power feeds and is managed by SingleHop Data center technicians too. GreenGeeks use all robust energy sufficient servers with Intel Dual Quad Core Xenon processors. Server uptime for GreenGeeks is of great importance. They even give customer support 24*7*365 via phone, chat, and email. It proves to be a preferred choice for those looking for cheap and low price Linux hosting websites starting from $4.95/month.

6. HostMonster
$3.95 /mo
HostMonster has been providing Linux web hosting solutions to thousands of business and websites since 1996. It gives unlimited disk space and bandwidth. The user can host unlimited websites on one account. This company has been awarded for customer service. HostMonster give you 30-days money back guarantee in case customer issues are left unresolved! It’s very easy to use and reliable. HostMonster will charge you $4.95/month.

7. LittleOak Linux Hosting
$80.00 /yr
The littleoak hosting company was founded by a team of brilliant web developers and graphic designers for the use of MAC community in the year 2007. It is basically situated in Torrance, California, near to Los Angeles. It focuses on the products related to Mac. This company has a strong belief in supporting local Americans small businesses. This company offers 24*7 live support with chat facility. It also assures a 30-day money back facility. It filters spam and viruses. It provides POP3 accounts, Email forwards, mailing lists, MySQL databases, domain and FTP accounts with no limit constraints. The only drawback is that it doesn't offer unlimited bandwidth with space.

8. 1&1 Hosting
$0.99 /mo
1&1 was established in 1988 , owned by a German company called United Internet. Oliver Mauss is the CEO of 1&1. They have approximately 11 million customers globally which places them as a leading company. They offer world best Linux hosting services with convenient domain packages and features. 1&1 promises to give its best services at budget and reasonable price. They support eco-friendly tools and hardware in their data centers. 1&1 combines highly efficient web servers with versatile performance of Foundry and Cisco routers. Their main motto is complete customer satisfaction. Here you may avail services of cloud servers, virtual private servers (VPS) and dedicated servers. They consume a lot of time for domain transfer.

9. Eleven2 Linux Hosting
$5.95 /mo
Eleven2 hosting was established in 2003 by two designer’s magnificent idea. They assure you with their plans, pricing, reliability and customer services. They have established themselves as preferred choice for website hosting. They also offer cloud servers for those with greater needs. Eleven2 provides an outstanding reliability and performance of server. They make available video tutorials on a whole lot of things. Eleven2 operates out of multiple datacenters including Dallas, TX – Asheville, NC – London, UK – Phoenix, AZ. It helps you to protect your website from malicious threats. They even support both FTP and SFTP. Eleven2 even support IMAP, POP and SMTP. Eleven2 runs the latest version of PHP5 and MySQL 5, Perl, Ruby on Rails, Python, SSI, Curl and GD.

10. Heart Internet
£2.49 /mo
Heart Internet Hosting Company is one of the best established hosting companies of UK located in Nottingham, England. The plans and packages are perfect and are designed for all ranges of websites. It promises with a powerful and flexible Linux web hosting without limits. Designing and managing a website under Heart internet’s supervision makes it easy and beneficial for the team through advanced linux web hosting control panel. Get your website designed through any one of the following 3 instant plans:
  • Starter Pro - £ 2.25
  • Home Pro - £ 5.99
  • Business Pro - £ 7.50
It gives regular back up services. Access to the FTP accounts is also offered. It even offers Joomla and WordPress too in only home professional package. Heart Internet hosting is based on Linux, so support for PHP 4 and 5, Perl and Python is also given.
Thanks for reading and all the best for choosing your Linux hosting company.
Hope we helped you in that!

Hosting Essential for Websites

It is essential for a business to make a site because nowadays every significant sector of industry connected with it and in this time if we are very far away from it can be a problem for our business.

Through the way of a site, you can easily achieve your goals like a simple click of a mouse means you can take the odors from firms and complete it and make an online transaction also.

Through the professionals you can build a site then you need a host who can support your site means to provide you a space to hold your site and give a security also.

A company should at least have an online presence so that the investors, business partners, potential employees and most importantly, customers can easily find out about the company and its services or products in a rapid time.It also makes business very fast.

At the same time, it makes so much sense because the company needs to have a professional looking website to be taken seriously. Nowadays, many customers get information online before making a final purchase and therefore, a company needs to make a good impression on the buyer by having an easily navigable, and professional looking website.

There are many web hosting companies offering various types of web hosting packages - shared web hosting, dedicated web hosting, managed web hosting, which hosting you choose?

Its depend on your hosting requirement.

As a general rule, it is a good idea to go for shared web hosting if you are a small business owner and cost is your primary concern.

Shared web hosting service is a convenient and economical way of hosting websites if you do not require extremely high performance and high bandwidth.

Shared web hosting service is a convenient and economical way of hosting websites if you do not require extremely high performance and high bandwidth.

What are the advantages of Shared Web Hosting Service?

Shared web hosting cheaper then Reseller web hosting and Dedicated web hosting.

Shared hosting web servers are managed and maintained by professionals, so the customer need not worry about your website.

A control panel comes with Shared web hosting account through which you can manage your website.

Business transition through hosting

Generally for any kind of promotions even for sale you should move from one place to another for that you need an office but nowadays making a site and hosted it a solution for a good business.

Making a site is a very easy task because nowadays professionals do it in a particular amount as per your requirement and then they host it so that anybody can see your business on the net and work with you.

Due to the broad network of the internet nowadays companies have internet economy, existing brick, and mortar companies must leverage their brand.

It is normally about such a transition at first. One might start the Brick and mortar to Click and mortar transition by selecting an internet development company to partner with his brick and mortar business to rapidly add to its skill set and commence the transition.

Businesses must develop a strategic relationship with an internet firm for not only starting the transition process but also for getting the edge over purely '.COM' companies.

Business transition through hosting

Before starting a hosting company this is very important that if we are a reseller than choose a proper package from the big hosting company.

We have to generate some special features according to our business because we will also need to have the skills necessary to run a hosting business.

This is very important that we should not blend our plans and quality according to another company and use a custom design for your site is the first step.

It is important to provide a variety of different hosting packages which can accommodate clients on a budget. If you take longer than a day, your service will appear to be bad.

If you hold some money, then there is don't be afraid to invest in a tech support department. It is waste of money and will separate your company from the thousands of other hosting services available.