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New Server Interaction


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I want to add a new server.When I add new servers what needs to be installed on them to interact with the management server?
This depends on the server. Normally, it will be apache or bind, or qmail, ssh server, plus a small set of our scripts that control all of it.

VPS Prime Choice for On-line Businesses


VPS is becoming first choice for online businesses. With the growth in website traffic, companies need rapid resizing of server ability.

Advantages encompass increased privacy, customization, reliability, and control. VPS is now considered at businesses superior platform. With the advancement in the technology, there is fall in prices of VPS plans. VPS plans allow customers to pay only when they use and provides maximum privacy.

It is upgraded version of shared hosting services and is flexible, scalable, and configurable. Servers running VPS are strong and are restricted to shared among 10-20 users.

ServerMania offers VPS on both OpenVZ Linux and XEN Windows platform. Storage starts from 75GB and bandwidth from 2TB. On Linux, cheapest plan is of $10/mon., and on Windows, it is $20/per mon.

Choose Wide Selection Of Dynamic Hosting Solutions, Dedicated to the clients at unbeatable prices with industry leading SLA. Services offered by ServerMania includes: Virtual Private Servers, Cloud Servers, Dedicated Servers, Hybrid Smart Servers, Backup Servers, Colocation Servers and DDos protection.

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