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September 2016 Provides Adjustable Domain Names by Global Market

Dominiok is one of the leading domain name registration companies. They provide adjustable domain names around the globe for everyone. Customers can choose between 1372 extensions including all regional and Italian domains. All domains are managed from a single account and for resellers, it is available on 20% discount without minimum initial spending or annual fees. Besides this, get disposal free hosting along with 500MB space, PHP support 10 email boxes and other benefits. Moreover, Dominiok offers various products including registration Africans domains, American registration domains, Asian domains, European domains registration and more. Company’s hosting plans include hosting Linux, hosting Linux Professional and Linux hosting resellers.


Bounceweb Review and Uptime Report


Bounceweb is a shared and reseller web hosting provider that provides solutions to fulfill the requirements. This company has mainly specialization in Linux web hosting, and main services are cPanel web hosting and domain registration. The shared hosting plans are very low and are 100%compatible with new software such as Mambo, Joomla, WordPress, and Magneto. Reseller hosting plans can be easily affordable so that any user would be able to resell shared web hosting plans. It is a best green hosting provider. It provides features like CGI, SSH, SSL, POP, IMAP, Perl, free domain name and site submission to leading search engines.



Labelhosting Provides Easy and Reasonable Hosting

IlabelhostingLabelhosting provides easy and reasonable hosting solutions to the clients. Currently, the company is serving around 2000 customers based on the quality of service and reputation. Labelhosting is highly professional with retention rate almost 100%. Also, they focus on domain names, security to ensure single window service to entrepreneurs. Besides this, the company offers various hosting services such as shared hosting which fast, secure and reliable and always accessible. Their semi-dedicated plans are very scalable and are ideal for the extensive website by establishing online web presence of business. Reseller hosting gives high-performance SSD servers and host multiple websites. Moreover, the company has VPS hosting that includes latest server hardware and email hosting available with automatic backups, collaboration, disaster recovery, cloud and network security. All plans provide 99.9% uptime guarantee.


WP Engine Review and Uptime Report

WpenginewordpresshostingWP Engine is known for high speed and security and world class customer service. At WP Engine, WordPress is considered as a passion. It has a rich database of 50,000 clients in 120 countries who are using its mission critical WordPress hosting to meet their needs. It is best in offering managed wordPress hosting services. Company is having best-in-class architecture and used highly redundant systems to keep WordPress scalable, prompt and secure. With this, no. of experts are available who deliver professional WordPress support round-the-clock, daily. Enterprise WordPress Hosting plans offer high up-times, bulletproof security and most reliable. With Daily Backups, Firewall, Malware Scan, EverCache, SSL certificates, CDN Ready, Speed Report, it is overall a choice of everyone. 



101domain Insight Selling Points


101domain offers the best domain registration services at low prices with excellent service and great support. It is the premier global registrar of domain names. It has a great collection of more than 3000 domain extensions offered all over the world. A full suite of domain services, including registration, transfers, renewal of domain name, domain expiration protection and their privacy is offered. With this, a full suite of domain lifecycle services for internationalized domain names (IDNs), including registration, renewal, transfer of international domain, specialized "sunrise" services for new top-level domain (TLD) launches. By registering a domain, a Welcome page, URL Forwarding, Moving DNS, Parking, Domain Support all offered for free. 



Freeola Company Review

FreeolahostingFreeola hosting company was founded in 1999. It is a UK based ISP provider and internet solutions company. focuses on providing customers with affordable and high-quality internet services and products. It offers services such as web hosting, dedicated servers, Virtual Private servers and SSL certificates. The highly professional customer support team is available 24/7 to sort out any queries. The company further offers 99.9% guaranteed network uptime. It provides broadband speed of up to 24Mbps which ensures websites load very fast. The technical support team is made up of well-trained professionals who are friendly and always willing to help.


Atak Technology Company Review


Atakteknoloji provides web hosting, domain registration, web programming, web design and quality standards having specialization in this field. It provides high-quality staff expertise in internet field, high security and backup infrastructure with hosting services are available at affordable prices. The user can speak easily to qualified staff about his queries regarding domains more than 450. Hosting services delivered by this company are VPS/VDS server, mail hosting, and web hosting. It provides features like TR domain registration,  Turkish character domain registration, TR domain registration, and Arabic character domain registration. Getnow


Business web hosting


“Business web hosting” has various types of needs, which is fulfilled by the web hosting package and it can be classified in different groups, for your better understanding.
Domains - Let’s start with the Domain, which is your first and most important Domainsrequirement. You should set up your domain name which is your business address and gets registered. A domain name is an identification string or alphanumeric string, used as an address for a computer network. For, e.g., Gov - Government agencies, Edu - Educational institutions, org - Organizations (Nonprofit). Next, you need to set up your domain e-mail address for your business which shows reliability by communicating with an email address but remember set your free domain.

Web hosting - Next requirement is of course a website that displays the products or services fWebhostingor sale, some useful links, videos, audios, text, images and other useful, important information from both owner of the  website and customers or users of the site. For this, you need a website builder and to build the site, specific tools are required, which is offered by the web hosting services. However, remember you should opt or cheap web hosting which allows you to design, host, and publish your site easily at an affordable price.

Website design - Next requirements are related to the designing of your business website, which includes an easy–to–use Site Builder tool and pre-built templates to design your site. These pre-built templates help you to give a professional look to your site. They also provide you the option of stock photography and web hosting at a very reasonable price. With this, you can also customize website design by adding few images, text, audio, video and blog also with just one click of a button. It depends on you that how you want to look your website and as per your need and budget, you can modify it also, so customers feel good after visiting your site, and it promotes your business.
After going through the design, you have to choose one design, customize it and create a website using an easy website creation tool and then it will be published and hosted in few minutes or seconds, by following the few simple steps, such as first you should talk to the website design professional i.e. you need to provide basic information for your new website and describe what you want in your company homepage. Next, you need to review proposed design for your company homepage and according to that provide feedback for revised new website design, then review new website design and company homepage, and you see that your new website on the Web is build and publish. After all the above steps, you must learn how to use easy tools to update your new website or make changes in it from time to time at a very reasonable price.
Business web hosting also requires two or three column free word press themes, which can be received by downloading and you can also easily customize, edit, and modify either theme so that it fit as per your Word Press–powered site.
E-Commerce - E-Commerce means conducting business online i.e. selling products online, purchasing of products done online, online payment by customers.This is highly needed because, in today’s world, e-commerce hosting is a very common trend, which is accepting by almost all the companies, to gain competitive advantage.

E-commerce solution is offered by the companies because here they have to incur less cost, than in a physical store. Here customers place their orders online, without any extra cost. It also allows you to operate your site  EcommerceCart for 24 hrs a day and for this, you do not need any employee also. It is a cheap source for both owners as well as for customers. With an eCommerce business, you can store products in a warehouse and ship them out before they enter the store.

For the advertising of your website, you need to show your sites in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Altavista and other popular search engines, so whenever customer search anything related to your business, first he or she see your business website and visit it.

Liquid Web Company Overview

LiquidwebhostingLiquidWeb Inc. is a managed web hosting company established as a leader in professional web hosting with providing best hosting products and premium customer support since 1997. It operates three data center located in Lansing and forth in Scottsdale, AZ. The company has gathered proactive Sonar server monitoring team and world class Heroic Support staff, easily accessible 24 hours, 7 days a week. The company has achieved INC 5000 Fastest Growing Companies award in 2007, 2008,2009, 2010, 2011,2012, 2013 and 2014.

Support Team

World-class Heroic Support team professionally educated, available on-site at data centers 24 hours, certified by Cisco and Red Hat. There are 400+Heroic support engineers with specialties in Technical Assistance Database Administration, Migrations, Advanced Networking, System Restoration and more. Its data center locations are self-owned and highly qualified and efficient engineers ensure that failure does not affect user's server.

LiquidWeb Benefits

Offer fast responding to tickets and taking phone calls, guarantee fastest service available
Help user to migrate data from current host to Liquid web servers
Commitment to offer best data centers to provide with redundant power, network system, and cooling 24x7.
Team monitors server including hardware, software and network 24x7 for issues or something happens and fix it.

Liquid Web Introduced Storm Object Storage

Serves efficient, scalable and cost efficient Storm Object Storage

Hosting plans convenient to users and easy to use.

Serves efficient, scalable and cost efficient Storm Object Storage which boost performance almost 500%

Liquidweb has launched Storm Object Storage to serve its users with any amount of data, cost effective storage option which can improve efficiency. This new launch provides customers durability, convenience, ease of use and performance of simple data storage system. Due to this Liquid web users get a performance boost with company's infrastructure. New Storm object storage effect existing infrastructure resulting five hundred percent performance increase. Storm Object Storage has joined Storm Block Storage as a solution for the web hosting customers with performance data storage needs.

Liquid Web Managed Dedicated Server

Managed Dedicated Server Solutions with Windows or Linux come up with Single processor, dual processor and quad processor dedicated servers

Company provides Managed Dedicated Server Solutions with Heroic Support. Accessible with Windows or Linux or Windows Operating Systems, also come up with Single processor, dual processor and quad processor dedicated servers. It the gives 100% Uptime guarantee with 24/7 Sonar Monitoring and user always find Heroic support.

Liquid Web VPS Hosting

Packages can upgrade as per requirement

Managed VPS Hosting perfect solution for users who need control of dedicated server with affordability of shared hosting . VPS package supports monitoring, 100 percent uptime and quick response guarantee with easily Upgrade and Downgrade. It can create and deploy server images and includes 5TB outgoing Bandwidth. Also includes:-

cPanel Available

Quick Provisioning

RAID Protected SSD VPS

API Access and Easy Clone & Resize

Liquid Web Shared Web Hosting

Company offers variety of expert shared hosting plans which best suit user's need. Start a blog with WordPress, installing CMS solution with Drupal, opening forum with PHPBB, starting an online store with osCommerce .Enhance speed through rapid quires and less latency with SSD storage, standard feature on al web hosting plans.
Features includes:-

Unlimited Email Accounts

SSH Secure Shell Access

Fully Managed with Heroic Support

cPanel Control Panel

Redundant Backups

Disaster Recovery from LiquidWeb

Company provides excellent disaster recovery option to fight against technological threats to client's important data. Company
protects customer's data as a form in geographic redundancy. It replicates of clients' whole set of data in two geographically

separate sites, by this applications can switch from one sites from one site to another when failure arrive. Company features

Geographic Redundancy

Wholly Owned Data Centers

High Availability Setups

Numerous Backup Plans

Network & Power Redundancy

Data Hosted in Disaster Neutral Locations


Online Shopping Becoming more Prevalent

Online Shopping E-Commerce Hosting

E-commerce hosting has become prevalent with online shopping market's growing tremendously. The Web hosts companies that charter server spaces for people or firms who do not have an offer server E-commerce. The web host functions as a landlord to your web address.
Features of Good E-Commerce Hosting

E-commerce hosting benefits individuals who are involved in entrepreneur ventures. These services take care of credit card processing, operational monitoring, and email services. Among these, operational monitoring ranks as the most critical and most complicated to handle. Since e-commerce hosting is basically business oriented, web hosts need to effectively make certain that your website is stable and is operating 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

A good web host supports and reliable system that is relatively available during off peak time, 24 hours technical support and various preferences for growth when your business venture demands it.
There are e-commerce web hosts who cater to financial assistance, put forward default-shopping carts, and secure dependable servers and process credit card payments. The secure servers ensure that the customer's personal information and relevant credit card data handled privately.
Trust only branded E-Commerce hosting websites  

There is the wide range of e-commerce hosting service available to match the needs and demands of your business. It is a must that you choose to partner with an e-commerce web host who has the goodwill and a name that you can trust. It does not hurt to exert some effort in tracking an e-commerce web host with ethical business practices and outstanding proof of trustworthiness and constancy.