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Major Differences between Free and Paid web hosting

Free web hosting offers fascinating option to remove current price connected with professional web hosting services for small business owners, entrepreneurs. To build website one must understand difference between free and paid web hosting providers. When anyone creates free website with hosts then they will utilize websites to place banners, advertisements to earn money. Most probably this revenue will be shared with owners of website. If user want website with domain name not having external site name then he has to buy domain and get paid web hosting.

Differences between free and paid web hosting:

Uniqueness : Domain address is most outstanding difference between free and paid hosting. Company’s name is included in URL shown in domain address provided by free web hosts. Paid web hosting companies are offering a personalized domain name has unique identity for online business.

Reliability : This feature plays an important role in hosting services. Uptime is different in both hosting providers as free hosting is not offering that much of uptime like paid hosting. Therefore lot of downtime faced by free hosts cause negative impact, result in loss of clients and revenues. For business purpose 99% percent uptime is offered by most web hosting services. User has to pay nominal rates for that hosting package comes with online website builder. User gets other facilities and services like free Google Adwords and email ID along with free web hosting.

Rankings of Search Engine : Every online business searches high ranking of search engine. Some irrelevant ads and unprofessional links are displayed by free web hosts on websites. Spammers use these websites to create dummy websites and will give low ranking of search engine. During building of website most organizations don’t focus on such issues results in better search rankings and online visibility.

Storage and Bandwidth : Businesses are given freedom by professional web hosts to choose from different packages with different storage space and bandwidth. Limited storage and bandwidth provides uneasy upload and transfer video clips, maps, photos offering by free web hosts. User access is restricted by limited bandwidth. Paid services will not give that much type of difficulties.

Assistance and Support : User will not get any technical support immediately in free hosting services. Complex sites based on MySQL databases and Perl and PHP scripts will face problem. Client get 24 by 7 technical support via email, chat, phone in paid hosting services.

Cost : As the name indicates for free web hosting that no cost is there while paid hosting is offered for any cost from few pounds to hundred pounds a year. Paid hosting provides control to the user on their websites to upgrade according to their requirements. In free hosting user has limited control over their websites.